Mission, Vision and Values


The mission of PRAE is to develop institutional, pedagogical and academic actions directed to the access, retention and degree completion of students enrolled in undergraduate programs at UFSC in articulation with other university units.


PRAE aims to be a unified, autonomous and dynamic Prorectorate committed to student institutional policies. It is grounded in contemporary organization and infrastructure, striving to be a national reference for the twenty-first century university.


The Declaration of Values emphasizes the principles and values that serve as references for the accomplishment of PRAE activities, and establishes priorities to be followed by the Institution in order to achieve its greater objective – the retention of students in a University of excellence. These values are:

  • Ethics;
  • Innovation;
  • Free education;
  • Professional competence;
  • Suppression of prejudice;
  • Quality in student assistance;
  • Appreciation of staff and students;
  • Preparation for the exercise of citizenship;
  • Articulation of teaching, research, outreach and assistance;
  • Democratization of services rendered to students;
  • Social, institutional, pedagogical and academic commitment;
  • Commitment to students, the Student Movement and Student Assistance.